You’ve written something, but you’d like to get it checked before publication or submission. Well Read Proofreading Services improve material by checking the following:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Capitalisation and spacing
  • Headings and numbering
  • Clear meaning and consistency
  • Applying house style
  • Checking design and layout
  • Checking tables, figures, diagrams and photographs, their captions, and that they’re referred to in the text

Here are some of the types of material Well Read Proofreading Services cover:

Books – Journal Articles – Magazines – Newsletters – PhD Theses – Dissertations – Reports – Manuals – Business Plans – Business Literature – CVs – Brochures – Websites 

I am also trained in transcription, and can help with short pieces of copywriting. I particularly enjoy coaching authors in writing skills, and this can be face to face or via Zoom or equivalent.

How does the proofreading process work?

  • The proofreader would initially ask for details of the material to be proofread, such as how long it is, whether it’s a thesis, a journal article etc., and if there is a deadline.
  • A sample of a few pages from the work would be requested to see the type of material that needs to be proofread, and to allow the proofreader to correct any errors.
  • All material is kept confidential.
  • If the proofreader feels it is material that they are qualified to proofread, the corrected sample would be returned to the prospective client to demonstrate how the corrections and queries would look, together with a quote for the job.
  • If the client wished to go ahead, the full body of writing would be sent to the proofreader who would then work on it, returning proofread sections as agreed prior to commencement.
  • The client would be expected to answer any proofreading queries that may arise during the project in a timely manner.
  • The proofreader would return the proofread material before the client’s deadline.
  • Payment for half the contract would need to be paid prior to starting the contract, with the second half to be invoiced on completion of the job.

What clients say about working with me…